Our History

After spending 15 years as Founder-CEO of DSS, Dexter Sports Supplements, Inc. and Powerstar, Inc., a force tugged inside Chuck Johnson to sell out of the nutritional supplements industry in 2007. The departure from these for-profit business ventures has evolved into a life and dedication to non-profit alternative holistic health care. For several years beginning in 2007, Chuck began certifying and training under world leaders in Medical Qigong Mr. Michael Winn, Dr. Chok Hiew, and Teacher Li Jun Feng eventually creating MedSyn® Mind.Body.Soul in 2010.

As a service-disabled veteran himself, he expanded his dedication to healing and helping others by also forming MedSyn® Charities to sponsor fundraisers for the Wounded Warrior Program. This cause is very close to his heart and the values of MedSyn® Mind.Body.Soul and MedSyn® Charities.

This evolutionary work led Chuck to assist Wounded Warriors at Fort Bragg and other veterans at Advanced Therapeutics and YMCAs located in Charlotte, North Carolina. By offering qigong classes at various locations in the Metro-Charlotte area, Chuck has trained many and recently certified a host of individuals in MedSyn® Mind.Body.Soul. forms.  He is the Organizer of Energy Healing Education Group, Total Wellness Business Alliance, and MedSyn® Charities Network.

His experience as a veteran in the mid-80s has given him the passion and desire to give back to the community. The first fundraiser for Medsyn® Charities is slated to be launched in Metro-Charlotte in September 2018 and will benefit local veterans and the Wounded Warrior Program at Fort Bragg, NC.

MedSyn® has a long-term goal of establishing a presence in and around Charlotte, NC to enhance its visibility in the nonprofit sector and its strategic impact on wounded United States Veterans.

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