Our Mission

Medsyn® Mind.Body.Soul., provides alternative medicine through the ancient practice of Qigong. Qigong is a Mind and body wellness practice integrating Movement, Posture, Breathing, and Awareness in Moving Meditation for Prevention of illness, maintaining and enhancing function, reducing stress, mangaging chronic conditions, increasing longevity, and promoting healthy, active aging.

Qigong has profound preventative and curative effects on the emotional and physical body, opens the heart and elevates the spirit. By attending classes and earning certifications, individuals interested in improving their overall quality of life achieve wellness.

“The ultimate goal of Medysn® Mind.Body.Soul. is to promote holistic healing of the mind body and spirit and increase awareness of the positive effects of medical qigong and meditation.”

Values, Goals and Objective

Medysn® Mind.Body.Soul. holds as its values, holistic alternative medicine from the Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine (TCM), enlightenment, energy healing, holism, and longevity.

Goal 1: Medysn® Mind.Body.Soul., intends to increase awareness of medical qigong and meditation by offering classes and certification workshops in-house and online by December 31, 2015.

Objective 1: Develop an overall marketing strategy for clarity of mission and internet exposure that includes the MMBS website(s) and social media campaign on FB, Twitter, Klout, Meetup etc. by July 1, 2015.

Objective 2: Utilize all MMBS internet resources to promote regular on location class attendance and online enrollment by 20% by 12/31/15

Goal 2: Medsyn Charities: Medysn® Mind.Body.Soul’s charitable arm established for Wounded Veterans, intends to launch its first charity fundraiser in Metro-Charlotte, North Carolina in September 2015 to raise money for the local Wounded Warriors project.

Objective 1: Medysn® Charities will launch a comprehensive marketing and promotions campaign from May through September 1, 2015 to attract up to 500 poker players to the event.

Objective 2: Medsyn® Charities will establish a project team to ensure all business processes is managed by fundraiser experts and accountability structures are in place no later than June 15, 2015. This includes poker consultants, legal advisors, accountants, promotions/marketing experts, facilities management and insurance (risk management and coverage), security etc.

Objective 3: Medsyn® Charities will identify “Event Day(s)” staff and train appropriately by August, 31, 2015

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